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About Me 

Born and raised in Miami, Fl, Veronica C. Rushton is a photographer and camera operator based in Charlotte, NC. She fell in love with the art of storytelling at a young age and during her sophomore year of college, she decided that film and photography were what she wanted to pursue. 


In 2017, VCR Productions (formerly VCR Photography) was launched with the goal of representing the marginalized. Since then Veronica has done editorial, portraiture, commercial, product, and event photography. Just in the last four years, she has worked on commercials, short films, music videos, and documentaries both as a professional and freelance camera operator and video editor.

Experimenting daily with both digital and film, she continues to fall in love with the art of visual storytelling with the hopes of creating relatable work that evokes conversation and change.


She currently holds her bachelor's in Broadcast Media from Florida International University and a master's in Digital Media/Documentary Film Production from Florida State University. 

Affiliations: Diversify Photo Up Next, Black Women Photographers, Free The Work, JTC List


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