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劫, Self-Destruction


The film follows the journey of the protagonist (Kisa), who has severe mental disorders: depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. The story will follow the protagonist’s misfortune, drowning in this endless nightmare. Interspersed between the misty world and confusion reality, what is real? Can she escape? The purpose of this story is to offer the audience an immersive experience that will provide insight into the traumatic internal world of the dancer herself.

Producer/Writer/Director/Choreographer/Editor: Linxin "Kisa" Li

Director of Photography: Veronica C. Rushton & Brandon Woods

Assistant Director: Katie Rolph

Gaffer: Parker Braun

Cast: Katherina Acosta, Sky Barnes, Io Ermoli, Linxin "Kisa" Li, Jameson Lombardy, Sophia Lutinski, Elise St. Cyr

Screenings & Awards

The Music Dance Screening Film Festival: Best Director (2023)
Hong Kong World Film Festival: Best Experimental Film (2022)
Miracle Makers Official Film Festival: Finalist (2023)
FlorenceDanceOnScreen: Finalist (2023)
Ekurhuleni International Film Festival: Finalist (2022)
Student World Impact Film Festival: Honorable Mention (2022)
First-Time Filmmaker Sessions: Official Selection (2021)
SCREAM it off SCREEN: Official Selection (2021)
The Paus Premieres Festival: Official Selection (2021)
China BeiJing Film Festival: Official Selection (2021)


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